1.   What is the time period for repairing a mobile?

The repairing work does not take very long and you can keep time of about 60 minutes for a general repairing work. These mobiles allow quick work but there are some models that are easier to work on and those models can be repaired within 30 minutes. Tablets will take a longer time – say about 7 to 8 hours. There are water damages that are to be treated very carefully and it takes longer time.

2.   What are the repair works that often come to the repair centre?

There are cases of cracked screen and faulty battery of the phone that plagues the users. Broken LCD of the mobile and motherboard issues are also very common. There are problems of the speakers and the wi-fi or internet connectivity. People also bring in problems with the cameras – both front and back.

3.   What models and company of phones do you repair?

We repair the Samsung phones and tablet from the same company. There are general models of Samsung, Galaxy models and the screen cracks or display issues. We also repair phones from Apple – the iPhones and iPad are among the most common. There are various models of these phones and tablets.

4.   What do I pay for when I pay the repair charges?

You pay for the estimated repairing charges for various parts and the labour charges.

5.   Why do I feel that my phone has slowed down after going through all the updates for the phone to the newest version?

There are times when the older phones seem to go slow with the newer version of updates. The software updates that are installed is mostly for the modern hardware and the old hardware often cannot take the faster and recent features of the updated operating system.

6.   There is a friend who has dropped his phone into water. What is the best thing to do after that?

You must ask your friend to take it out of the water and then dry it thoroughly from the outside. He should not press any buttons and then try and remove the battery. Do not try to start up the phone as it can be dangerous for an internal short. Bring the phone to the repair centre and we will take it up from there.

7.   When should I pay for the repair? Is it to be done in advance?

We will check your phone and then provide with all the details of the repairs or replacements that will be needed. You must pay after you get back your phone and check it for proper functioning.

8.   When my phone is not working for any damaged parts, shall I get the proper parts for my phone?

Yes, we work on all types of repairs and also replace mobile phone parts. There are parts of the tablets and other accessories of Samsung phones and iPhones and iPads too.

9.   Is there any warranty on the repairing job on my phone?

Yes definitely, we offer 3 months of warranty after the repair is done. We will support our work and shall not allow you to face any problems with our repair.

10.   Shall I lose all my photos and music from my phone when I take it for repair?

We know how much you value your pictures and the music stored on your phone. It is safe in our hands. If there is any requirement for backing up of your data – we shall inform you about it.

11.   Are you affiliated with Samsung or iPhone or any other mobile phone companies?

No, we are not affiliated with any company and we offer out of warranty repair of your phones. When we have repaired your phone, we provide the warranty for our work and no one else too.

12.   Do you work on the activation lock of my iPhone?

No. We do not work on the activation lock as it can be done only by the mother company. Apple will look at the work as theft and hence we cannot do this work for your phone. You can contact Apple over the internet and they will reset the lock – if you are the real owner. You will have to provide them with your id and password.

13.   Why should I take my phone to Westcoast Wholesalers?

We provide best after sale service and give 3 months warranty. If you have any screen cracked on your phone or any other issues with the phone, we will take care of the issues and provide you with a completely working phone in same day.

14.   Do you have any training on mobile repairs?

No, here we can repairs only. 

15.   What are the repairing works that you do?

We do any type of repairing work. We also work on the replacement of mobile phone parts for various models of mobile phones. There are tablets that we work on and repair them with confidence.

16.   Do you have accessories for all the models of Samsung and Apple phones only?

Yes. We provide all mobile accessories or phone parts like the Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, HTC, Google, LG, iPod, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, One plus, Oppo, Surface Pro, Xiomi with the accessories of the Samsung models too.

17.   Do you look at my pictures or other data on my phone?

We value your data and your personal space even in your mobile storage. We will take a look at the issue of your phone but we do not look at any of your data. We value your privacy and shall never get into your storage.

18.   Do you repair any laptops?

We definitely repair the laptops, Mackbooks and tablets. We will guarantee you a proper functioning of the laptop after we repair it for you. We guarantee the services offered and also offer best after sales.

19.   How will I send my mobile for repair to the Westcoast Wholesalers?

You will have to fill the form provided for you on our website. Pack your mobile with a lot of care so that it does not get damaged while coming over to the repair centre. You should also have insurance for your mobile.

20.   You are going to use different parts for repairing. What are the qualities of these parts?

These parts are genuine parts for your mobile. We will search for original parts but sometimes they are not available for the model is too old. You will not have to worry. We will procure the parts that are next best to the OEM accessories and mobile phone parts.