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At Westcoast Repairs, we offer highly professional repair and replacement services for all major iPod concerns at the most competitive repair costs. .

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Looking for a repair service on your iPod? Whether it’s an iPod 3rd Gen, iPod 4th Gen, iPod 5th Gen, or any other model, Westcoast Repair has all your concerns covered. We offer a wide variety touch glass replacement, touch screen replacement, and much more. With years of experience in the field, we are known to offer our customers instant, hassle-free solutions to all repair and replacement issues.


How It Works

  • Repairs

    No matter what your concern is, we offer repair for all kinds of issues with your iPods.

  • Replacement

    We only use 100% trusted parts for replacement services on your iPods.

  • Priority Service

    We understand the importance of your iPods for you, which is why we try and provide service for your device at the earliest.

  • Customer Assistance

    We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer personalized assistance for all your queries.

One-Stop Shop For All iPod Related Concerns

Whether you own the latest model of iPod or any other series, we offer all kinds of repair and replacements solutions for your device including but not limited to touch glass replacement, touch screen replacement, battery replacement and much more.

iPod Touch Glass Replacement

Ninety percent of all iPod touch issues are simply related to a broken glass screen. Usually, the glass is damaged due to being dropped or pressure being applied. iPod screen repair is a simple and fast repair service that requires replacing the touch screen and LCD frame. Contact us to see if we can swap your screen on the spot.

iPad Touch Screen Replacement

Screen issues are another example of iPod Touch problems where a part of the screen that makes picture is damaged. Common symptoms include the white screen of death, dead pixels, dullness, and patchwork displays. At Westcoast Repairs, our skilled technicians can diagnose the exact problem with your iPod and repair it in no time.

iPad Touch Battery Replacement

When an iPod battery fails, the most common symptom is a short battery life often lasting only an hour or two. Sometimes, however, the iPod won’t turn on which can also point towards a dead battery but can also be other issues. Other symptoms include when the device turns off immediately after removing it from the charger, failing to charge fully, and not charging at all. Whatever your issue is, bring your iPod down to our stores. .

Water Damage Repair and Other Services

One of the most difficult iPod touch repairs we perform is water damage removal. While it’s a long shot, you can vastly improve your chances of repair by turning the device off, drying the iTouch with a towel or put it in a bag of rice, and bringing it in to us as soon as possible. Our technicians will clean out your device and look for any damage the water may have caused. Liquid damage symptoms also include the iPod touch won’t turn on, headphone jack problems, and charger ports that need replacing.

Why Choose WestCoast

  • 100% Trusted Part Replacements

    We only use original and tested parts for your replacement requests

  • Highly Expert Technicians

    Our expert technicians resolve concerns with your gadget while you remain stress-free

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer only the most competitive repair and replacement services for your devices.

  • Priority Service

    We treat all our customer requests with priority and offers resolution at the earliest.