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We’re the team you can trust for speedy iPod repairs

At Westcoast Repairs, we provide expert iPod repair and replacement solutions for a wide range of models, all at competitive prices. If your iPod needs attention, regardless of whether it's a 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, 5th Gen, or another model, we've got you covered.

Our services include everything from glass to screen and battery replacement. Leveraging years of expertise, we're renowned for delivering quick and smooth solutions for all your device needs.




How our iPod repair service works

Here’s what you can expect from trusting our friendly team to get your iPod back up and running again.


Whatever the issue with your iPod, we provide repairs for all sorts of problems.


For replacements, we exclusively use parts that are 100% reliable.

Priority service

Recognising the significance of your iPod, we strive to offer prompt service for your device.

Customer support

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we offer tailored support for any questions you might have.

Your one-stop shop for all iPod repairs

Regardless of whether you have the newest iPod model or an earlier series, we cater to all your repair and replacement needs.

iPod touch glass replacement

A significant 90% of issues with the iPod touch can be traced back to a damaged glass screen, typically resulting from drops or applied pressure. Repairing an iPod screen is straightforward and quick, involving the replacement of the touch screen and LCD frame. Get in touch to find out if we can replace your screen immediately.

iPad touch screen replacement

Screen issues in the iPod Touch, such as the infamous white screen of death, dead pixels, dullness, and uneven displays, usually mean damage to the part of the screen responsible for image display. Our skilled technicians at Westcoast Repairs are adept at pinpointing the precise issue with your iPod and swiftly fixing it.

iPad touch battery replacement

A failing iPod battery is often indicated by drastically reduced battery life, sometimes lasting only a couple of hours. In some cases, the iPod may not turn on, which could signify a dead battery among other potential issues. 

Other signs include the device shutting off right after disconnecting from the charger, inability to fully charge, or not charging at all. If you're facing any of these problems, bring your iPod to our stores.

Water damage repair and other services

Water damage repair is among the more challenging iPod touch services we offer. While it's a tough situation, you can increase the chances of repair by immediately turning off the device, drying it with a towel, placing it in a bag of rice, and bringing it to us as soon as you can. 

Our technicians will clean your device and assess any damage caused by the liquid. Symptoms of liquid damage also encompass issues like the iPod touch not turning on, headphone jack malfunctions, and charger port replacements.

Thank you for exploring our iPod repair services. For any issues not covered here, feel free to contact us. Our skilled technicians are ready to bring your device back to its best.

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