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Westcoast Repairs is your one-stop-shop for all your Laptops repair services located in Perth, Darwin & Sydney. Whether you are using a Laptop we understand how frustrating it can be when your device breaks or malfunctions. We repair all brands like Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and many more. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in repairing all kinds of problems from cracked screens to faulty batteries, charging ports, keyboard repair, touch issues and much more. We use only high-quality components and the latest tools and techniques to ensure a quick, efficient repair every time.

Bring your laptop to Westcoast Repairs now and our skilled and helpful staff will return you back your device in top operating condition.

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How It Works

  • Repairs

    No matter what your concern is, we offer repair for all kinds of issues with your Laptops.

  • Replacement

    No matter what your concern is, we offer repair for all kinds of issues with your Nokia phone.

  • Priority Service

    We understand the importance of your phone for you which is why we try and provide service for your phone at the earliest.

  • Customer Assistance

    We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer personalized assistance for all your queries.

One-Stop Shop for All Laptop Devices

Whether you own the latest model of Laptop Pro or Laptop Air or any other model, we offer all kinds of repair and replacements solutions for your device including but not limited to screen repair and replacement, battery replacement, keyboard repair and replacement, and much more.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptops are extremely expensive to buy so when your Laptop screen suddenly goes blank or starts showing black and white dots or lines, it must be treated with utmost priority. Whether you own a Laptop Air or Pro, our experts are extremely skilled to fix such concerns at the earliest so you can resume using your device.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Sometimes one or more keys of your Laptop keyboard may become unresponsive. And, this makes using your device very difficult and annoying. At Westcoast Repairs, we have the best experts in the industry working on your Laptop problems so you can get your device repaired and working in no time

Laptop Hinge Replacement

Notice a broken hinge on your Laptop device? A cracked or loose hinge of your screen must be repaired or replaced immediately as ignoring it could lead to more serious problems with your device. Known as one of the most trusted repair centers in Perth, we suggest you to bring your device to one of our trusted technicians today to get it fixed.

Laptop Motherboard Replacement

Usually when a motherboard is damaged and beyond repair, it most likely requires you to replace it with a new one. There can be various causes for a faulty motherboard such as liquid damage, accidental dropping of the device, or even a power voltage problem. But, before you reach that conclusion, you must assess the damage and decide if the motherboard can be repaired. Westcoast Repairs can assist you with troubleshooting the device and figure out the actual cause of failure so help you to Repair and replace Laptop motherboard. Your device can be repair or replaced according to the assessment.

Laptop Ram Replacement

A bad RAM in your Laptop device can prevent you from switching on your device altogether. This can either be a small issue with the connectivity or may even require a RAM replacement. If you are having troubles switching on your device or it keeps shutting off, it is best that you bring it to one of our technicians to look at so they can repair or replace the same.

Why Choose WestCoast

  • 100% Trusted Part Replacements

    We only use original and tested parts for your replacement requests

  • Highly Expert Technicians

    Our expert technicians resolve concerns with your gadget while you remain stress-free

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer only the most competitive repair and replacement services for your devices.

  • Priority Service

    We treat all our customer requests with priority and offers resolution at the earliest.