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Search no more for “iPad repair near me” At Westcoast Repairs, we specialise in comprehensive services across Perth, Darwin, and Sydney. Experiencing issues with your iPad can be frustrating, but our friendly team is here to help. We handle repairs for various iPad models, including iPad 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9th gen, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro. 

Our experienced technicians are adept at resolving various issues, such as cracked screens, touch and LCD replacements, battery problems, and faulty charging ports. We prioritise quality, using only the best components and advanced techniques for every repair.

For reliable iPad repairs, visit Westcoast Repairs and let our capable team restore your device to optimal condition.



How it works

Looking for Apple iPad repair near me? Our process is quick, easy, and affordable.

Fixes on demand

Whatever the issue, we're equipped to mend any problem your iPad faces.

Genuine replacements

For all iPad replacements, we trust only genuine parts.

Express solutions

Knowing how vital your iPad is, we aim for the swiftest service possible.

Dedicated support

Your satisfaction is our top priority, ensuring tailored support for every need.

Apple iPad repair near me, for any device

Seeking iPad repairs? Westcoast Repair can help with any model, including iPad Mini, Pro, and Air. We offer diverse solutions, such as motherboard and RAM replacements. Our expertise ensures quick and straightforward fixes for all Apple iPad issues.

iPad screen replacement

Experiencing a blank screen, broken LCD, or seeing colourful lines and dots on your iPad display? These are often signs that your screen needs replacing. At Westcoast Repairs, our experts are adept at handling such critical repairs, ensuring your iPad's display is restored to its pristine condition with precision and care.

iPad battery replacement

iPads, much like iPhones, come with batteries that aren't easily replaceable by users. If your iPad is not holding a charge or its battery life has diminished significantly, our technicians at Westcoast Repairs are ready to help. Bring your device to us, and we'll diagnose and replace the battery, breathing new life into your iPad.

iPhone speaker repair

If your iPad is silent and refusing to emit any sound, it's possible the speaker is damaged. Various factors can lead to speaker issues, but there's a straightforward solution: bring your iPad to our expert technicians. We'll diagnose the problem and repair your iPad's speaker swiftly, ensuring you're back to enjoying crisp, clear sound in no time.

Chip-level repair

Not every repair centre can handle chip-level repairs on an iPad, given the advanced technology and precision required. However, at Westcoast Repairs, we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled professionals who are trained to tackle these complex issues. Trust us with your iPad, and we'll ensure it receives the expert care it deserves.

Why Choose WestCoast

  • 100% Trusted Part Replacements

    We only use original and tested parts for your replacement requests

  • Highly Expert Technicians

    Our expert technicians resolve concerns with your gadget while you remain stress-free

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer only the most competitive repair and replacement services for your devices.

  • Priority Service

    We treat all our customer requests with priority and offers resolution at the earliest.



    Thank you for exploring our iPad repair services. For any issues not covered here, feel free to contact us. Our skilled technicians are ready to bring your device back to its best.