How To Bid Adieu to Android Smartphone Issues?

How To Bid Adieu to Android Smartphone Issues?

How fundamental a gadget is, we know. Even though a machine, yet it's no less than a close mate. Wherever one goes, it's with them. However, it does break down. There are various issues when a cellphone taps out.

Commonly, in the middle of work, an Android gadget all of a sudden quits reacting. Additionally, the battery gets warmed, an irregular execution of activities get started. Henceforth, a couple of arrangements are advised to deal with the issues that a cell phone incorporates.

  • 1.Connection problem- Often it’s seen that connections such as Wifi and mobile network get lost out of the blue. To prevent such error, enter settings and disable the wifi for few seconds then restart it. For the mobile network, select the search for mobile networks option in network settings.
  • 2.Apps are not responding- Apps stop responding midway as the phone is unable to process multiple commands simultaneously. So, it’s best to leave the phone as it is for a while. Also close background processes from the recent menu.
  • 3.Heating issues- Apart from performing multiple tasks while the data network and other processes are running. The CPU has to work at the speed to match the commands; hence the phone starts heating up. It’s better not to overuse at that particular period or not use for a minute at all.
  • 4.In-app purchases- When others use an individuals phone, i.e. his/her family members (kids). Hence, locking particular apps is wise. There are some in-app purchases, and kids might click on purchase options. Hence, a password is a must in play store and for purchases.  Hotel Channel Manager
  • 5.Message not sent- Occasionally it’s seen after typing any text or message, it fails to reach the recipient. So, a person should try to a see if the network bar is full and mobile data is on. Other times, try to restart the device.
  • 6.Battery problem- It’s frustrating when the battery bar gets low. Moreover, who carries a charger everywhere. Hence, try disabling the auto-brightness feature, close the mobile data. Nowadays, the battery saving feature is inbuilt, so hit the battery menu in settings and start configuring.
  • 7.Phone Freeze- Phone freeze means slowing down of the device. It’s better to stop using multiple apps simultaneously and try to kill the apps not required. Also, the primary reason is when internal storage is full, the device slows down. Hence, either delete unnecessary apps and files or move them to the microSD card.

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20th Aug 2018 Android Engineer

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