4 Common iPad Problems That Need Repairs

4 Common iPad Problems That Need Repairs

The introduction of iPad has literally revolutionized the way everyday people perceive technology. The improvements that have made their way in the device since April 2010 till today have further catered to making it irresistible to the masses. Top features like liquid retina display, face id, smart HDR, lightning fast charging, simultaneous dual ban WiFi, A12X Bionic Processor and the sleekest possible exterior that are currently available in the latest model 2018 iPad Pro has added unending charm to device.

However, with all things bright and beautiful about iPads per se, owners over the years have experienced a number of rather disheartening issues that appear to be more common than not. These issues may be experienced over a 12 to18 month phase or in as little as the first couple of uses itself. Here is a small list of such issues that have been experienced by iPad owners the world of and often call for instant repairs…

Nagging Performance Issues

Performance issues usually do not develop overnight and can be experienced within a few months of usage. Apps closing unexpectedly, safari not opening or shutting down on its own, desktop not loading / grey screen for indefinite period, screen rotation issues / stuck interfaces, slow keyboards, crashing, hanging etc are only a few to mention in this respect.

These problems can often be fixed by users manually with minor tweaks here and there. However, if the issue is persistent and all else has failed, approaching professional repair service providers can be a good idea.

Severely compromised battery life

Generally, active users can enjoy battery life of about 24 hours in a brand new device. But, it is not uncommon for iPad users to face battery issues unexpectedly in even as little as a few months of use. If your battery is draining fast in a relatively new device, the issue may be software related. Adjusting screen brightness, lock time and closing background apps can help literally instantly.

However, if DIY tweaks don’t help and the battery drains within less than half a day of normal usage, it may be corrupted and repairs / replacements will be necessary.

Physical damage

This needs no explanation and is perhaps the most common reason for iPads reaching repair centers way before their due time. Dropping the device on hard surfaces or slamming it with force unintentionally or otherwise can lead to severe physical damages; shattered screen topping the charts. This is followed by a range of hardware and other issues that cannot be addressed in any other way than seeking instant repair services.

Non responsive screen and camera

Non responsive screen and camera can be very annoying and can be owed to an array of reasons including physical / software damage. These damages usually don’t respond to DIY efforts, and are best when addressed by repair professionals at the earliest. 

24th Dec 2018 Mac Engineer

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