6 Signs That Tell Us That Your Battery Needs Replacement

6 Signs That Tell Us That Your Battery Needs Replacement

The worst feeling of owning a laptop is when the battery starts to give up, and one has to charge the gadget every thirty minutes to keep it awake. The situation is so irritating that only a person who has experienced in real time can understand the predicament. When it comes Apple MacBooks, it generally requires technical assistance from authorised dealers to replace them, but one with proper knowledge can do it at home as well.

These are the below-mentioned signs one should take into consideration before replacing the battery:

  • Every battery has a charge cycle, and beyond that cycle, its performance starts deteriorating and eventually needs replacement. One can quickly know about the charge cycle of their gadget from the settings menu.
  • Unexpected Shutdown is one of the worst experience one can have while working on an important assignment. The sudden shutdown is probably the most definite sign that the battery has completed its life and it needs immediate replacement.
  • The warning on the home screen can be considered as another signal which a person can consider before replacing the battery. The notice generally appears when a person brings the cursor to the battery sign.
  • Excessive heating during the running of the laptop is another appropriate sign that the gadget's battery needs replacement. The primary reason for overheating is the battery overworking itself to meet with the demand for the equipment. Now, minor overheating may often occur when we run a large software, but in case it gets heated up quickly while running light software; it is a clear indication that the battery is past its prime.
  • Low battery run time is probably the perfect indication that tells the user that the battery needs replacement. The run time reduces to a great extent when the battery is past its cycle making it the best signal. The average run time is generally taken into consideration to understand the run time correctly.
  • There is a mathematical formula to monitor the battery life of a person if a person is very proactive. One must understand the battery of a laptop is meant to be used, and like every other gadget, it needs fixing over time. Do not go around tearing your hair for small matters like this but when the warning sign on your desktop pops up be sure to replace the battery else you might end up in a sticky situation.

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22nd Feb 2019 Mac Engineer

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