Quick Guide: Prepare Your Old Phone for Reselling

Quick Guide: Prepare Your Old Phone for Reselling

Reselling your old smart phone is one of the best and the quickest ways to fund your next big purchase. While it is true that there are individuals that have earned over 500$ on selling their old phones, how much you can earn from reselling usually depends upon a number of factors like…

  • the model of the phone,
  • number of years your phone has been in use,
  • number of accidents and repairs it has endured,
  • space available in the same at the time of reselling
  • and its overall relevance to new users

However, what you have to remember at all times is that selling your old phone is seldom a random task and can bear heavy consequences if you do not prepare your device adequately before listing the same for sale. The consequences, as has been experienced through the past couple of years have been horrifying the worst being data theft.

Following is a small guideline for smart phone owners that wish to sail the safer waters while making the best of the deal…

Old Phone repair

Clear all Data – This is the first and the most important rule that you need to follow in order to stay safe from vices like data theft. If you have an iPhone you can clear the data from the device without trace by…

  • un-pairing your phone from any connected devices
  • sign out of iCloud
  • go to the reset section of ‘Settings’ and erase all content and setting

As far as android devices are concerned, the process starts with un pairing your phone with other connected devices followed by backing up your data in Google Drive and resetting your phone to factory conditions in the following order… 

Settings > System > Reset or Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone.

Original box and papers can fetch better deals – Selling your used phone with the original box and papers can help enhance trust and authenticity factors that can help you fetch better deals from the right sources. Reselling the unit with complete set of accessories like charging cables, earphones etc, can enhance resale price many times over.

Choose proper selling platforms – There are many selling platforms that can help you fetch good deals at the shortest possible time. eBay and craigslist can be a few to mention. At all times, remember listing locally for a quicker deal.

Determine prices competitively – Lastly, always ensure pricing your phone competitively. Overpricing your phone may not fetch you any buyers at all. Seeking assistance from experienced individuals can help massively in this respect.

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21st Sep 2018 iPhone Engineer

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