Most Common iPhone Issues and Their Solutions: A Guide

Most Common iPhone Issues and Their Solutions: A Guide

When we use an iPhone, we all face similar problems at a number of times as it is quite obvious that the machine is going to experience some issues after a certain point of time. Just like there are many common issues that one can face with the iPhones, similarly, there are a number of easy solutions with the iPhones. Here is a list of the common iPhone issues with their solutions:

Wi-Fi issues: One among the most commonly faced issues with iPhones is the issue of Wi-Fi not getting connected. The solution to this problem is pretty simple which does not require one to g to any repair centre. Instead, they can simply switch it off and restart the phone again. Once, the phone has been restarted, the user can try to connect the Wi-Fi, if the issue still persists, the user can go to the settings, then Wi-Fi and scroll down to the end of the screen to find the HTTP proxy and turn it to auto settings.

Not getting updated to the Newest Versions: another commonly faced issue is where the iPhone users find that their phones are not getting updated to the newest iOS versions. The solution to this problem is simple where one needs to connect their device to Mac or PC and force restart the phone that will bring the iPhone to recovery mode. The process will be followed by an update option and on clicking on that option, the update starts as normal. If the phone does not get updated even after the force start, try to restore the phone that will remove all the data from your phone. The user will then get the latest software version on their iPhone followed by restoring the backup data.

Screen Issues: It is one of the commonly faced and troublesome issues that do not have an easy solution. With a screen crack on the iPhone, the user can use the phone for some period of time but one day it needs to be replaced completely as gradually the phone will get unusable. The users cannot usually fix this issue by themselves and must contact their iPhone repairing service provider who will replace the screen. There are do-it-yourself kits available over the market nowadays, but, it is recommended that the user must not try experimenting with those if they are not experienced. They must contact an experienced technician for this purpose.

14th Jun 2019 iPhone Engineer

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