Procedure of Protecting Your Smartphone Against Hacking

Procedure of Protecting Your Smartphone Against Hacking

With the security concerns of the smartphones collecting impetus, it is the best time to accelerate alertness of the manners you need to protect your smartphones. With the advancement of mobile phone technologies, chances of losing contacts and messages have been increased if a mobile gets stolen. So in order to protect your costly smartphones, you need to follow certain ways.

Setting secret Password Lock

Every phone allows you to set a password lock for security purpose. Numbers of phone provide face unlock, but the most secure one is the facility of fingerprint scan. While setting password, you should select an order which will not be simple to assume like placing your phone numbers or marriage day date.

Your applications need to be locked
Nowadays, some smartphone brands provide the feature of locking application. In this case you can lock applications separately by setting a password. If your mobile phone does not have this facility, you will be able to obtain it by installing applications such as AppLock. `

Application of two-factor verification

Many mobile users neglect this protection facility as it is quite inconvenient to apply every time. Two-factor verification demands you to verify with a password along with an exclusive verification key set up through an application or sent through OTP every time. Services like Facebbok, Yahoo, Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, PayPal,Twitter etc provide this exclusive facility.
You can control and enable this facility in the security settings of the above stated services. If you enable the feature, no one will be able to access your information with the verification code.

You need to Install security applications
Your smartphone is as liable to data hacking procedure. Thus you should install security applications for your smartphone. Various security applications are accessible from all reliable organizations like Norton, Avast etc.

You should utilize reliable applications
A division of Google is committed to analysis of applications which are added to the user’s play store for the mobile users. This division eliminates most of the inimical applications before they come to the users. Apart from Google other sources are accessible from where you can add applications for smartphones. But in this case, there are no ways to check whether the applications are secure or not.

Updating mobile phone and applications on the regular basis is must

The fundamental aspects to be adhered to is to update mobile phone and applications on the regular basis. But number of users does not follow it. On the regular basis Google plugs out security updates to smartphone brands, who in order deliver it down to the users through over the air updates.


Either or a collection of any of the above mentioned steps can be followed t assure the kind of security one needs to impart to his or her gadget.However, any application downloaded and used for security purposes should be checked for authenticity as a lot of cases have been reported wherein such apps had opened up the avenues for several hackers to get into one’s smart phone without any knowledge of the former. Technology, with all its advancements has managed to be a big boon to the society however there has been no dearth of circumstances wherein this boon has been moulded to a bane. As individuals, it is the responsibility of man to use these gadgets in proper manner.

19th Jun 2019 Phone Engineer

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