Repurpose Your Old iPhone – 5 of the Best Ways of Doing This

Repurpose Your Old iPhone – 5 of the Best Ways of Doing This

Do you have a junk drawer? Well, every household has this drawer and this is the graveyard for all unwanted and defective mobile phones. Whenever a new device comes in the market, the old device of many users has to find a place in the junk drawer. Instead of throwing old mobile devices into that junk drawer, why not repurpose them? How to do so?

Here are some ways of repurposing your id iPhone in the most effective way. Have a look…

  • I.Using It for Entertaining Kids

You can download kid-friendly shows, apps and games and give your kid enjoyment for hours. This is especially helpful at times of long trips. However, make sure parental control is enabled on the device so that they do not get access to any adult content.  

  • II.Using It as Security Camera

Using the iPhone camera for recording surveillance footage is really a fantastic idea! When you are away from home, this will be of great help. There are also apps that allow live streaming of the footage from the old iPhone to the new mobile device. Though it provides limited security, yet it is good for basic surveillance.

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  • III.Using It as TV’s Remote Control

Have you lost your TV remote again? Don’t worry your old iPhone can act as the remote. Many cable operators provide apps that enable iPhones to control a TV and also record its shows. So, now you can take your unused iPhone to the living room and use in place of the traditional remote.

  • IV.Using It as an iPod

You might run out of memory in the new smartphone because of so many texts, apps, photos and similar other things. Why don’t you free some space in the new device by transferring some files to the old iPhone? With different apps and music, old iPhone is converted to a glorified iPod. You can either carry it for some music or connect it with home speakers and enjoy some wonderful moments listening to the tunes.

  • V.Trading It for Money

If you do not want to use the old device, sell it online or to some retail store and make some cash. This will provide a return on the investment you initially made. Many companies give “Exchange Offer” where you can trade the old iPhone for a new mobile device.

So, repurpose your iPhone instead of just dumping it to some corner.

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