Tips to Stay Away From Damage of Your Smartphones

People are no more restricted to the operation of simple phone that helps to give and receive calls. Today, the smart phones have created a revolution in the market. People can do everything with the help of such phone. Do you want to transfer funds to your friends and relatives? You no more have to visit bank for this purpose. This can be easily done with the help of your smart phone. People can also shop with the help of smart phone without going out. But, what happens when this multi tasking device suddenly gets damaged or stops operating? This is really going to be a price issue for you.

How to overcome common dilemma?

There are few common dilemmas which people face in this connection. What are those and how to overcome them will be discussed here.

Phone battery is getting exhausted very soon

The reasons of phone battery draining away are many. One of such reasons is none other than the applications. Due to the heavy load of the apps, the battery consumption becomes really high. This is the reason of battery getting exhausted. The more is the activity, larger will be the battery consumption altogether. It is always good to delete or uninstall the apps that you don’t use at all. But there are some instances which would mean the battery is extremely weak.

Tips to overcome

If there is a problem, there must be a solution. When your battery seems to have drained out, following are the ways to get it back:

  • Remove the software that you do not use
  • Stay updated when it comes to software
  • Go for bug fixing
  • Put the battery on charge after switching off the phone

iPhone screen cracked

There are several complaints from the users about the iPhone getting cracked. This can take place when you are carelessly handling your phone. It may fall down suddenly when you are taking out from pocket.

Tips to prevent screen crack

iPhone is not very cheap phone. Rather, it is one of the expensive and best phones available in the market. But, when it is the question of screen, it is really very sensitive. All you can do here is to stay careful. Don’t put the phone in your back pocket. When you are going to attend the call in a hurry, it will fall and skin might get cracked. Another tips is to put a protective screen over it. Use a cover as well. 

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19th Mar 2019 iPhone Engineer

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