The Secret in MacBook: What Apple Hides from the Public

The Secret in MacBook: What Apple Hides from the Public

Apple is one of the well known quality laptops, smart phones and gadgets manufacturers throughout the world. The brand is known for its performance. The price of the devices is so high that not all individuals will be able to avail them. Those customers who did not buy apple products ever or have never used them always thinks that the products are world class and flawless. But, many apple users have reported several issues with their devices. Apple manufacturer too has realized that, they have issues with MacBook keyboards.

The manufacturer has changed the design of their latest laptop. They have rather made changes by adding a thin layer of silicon which is constructed over the butterfly switches. This is done to protect the Macbook from the dust particles. But, does that mean that the designing has covered up all the flaws? There are some microscopic particles of dust that cannot be seen with naked eye. This layer is given to keep the particles away. But, apple has made several statements where the spokes person states, changes in the third generation of keyboard is not to mend the issue of excessive dust placed within the keyboard.

Apple also has a strategy to make more money. Those individuals with the issues with the keyboard will definitely approach the company for its repair. Naturally, apple would charge a fee for the repair service. Also, the authority will never admit their fault. This is just due to the fact that they have already denied on the problem at the first place. They have changed the design of the keyboard to the quieter. Yes, they have made the quieter keyboard. Also they put a layer over it to fix the issue. But, they have stepped back to admit the mass that, they should have made this design right from the beginning.

You will also be able to get more facts and secrets once the newest release of apple will be there. Apple manufacturer will just try to hide the things from you. Rather, they will wish to keep it as a secret. You can soon discover many other changes and features of the new devices of apple. Sometimes, manufacturer may fall short in the designing of the device. The mistakes which were carried on in the previous manufacturer should not be repeated again. The third generation design must be effective.

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17th Dec 2018 Mac Engineer

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